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Sample Poems & Testimonials

Here are some examples of our previous work:



A Farewell Poem

It began early one Saturday, in the mid-winter cold....
Six naive little faces all about to be told...
...about oxytocin and latch, contractions and pain,
but nothing to prepare us for what we would gain.
Three adorable boys! Such a cute little gang.
Each one so special, each his own little man.
We were bursting with love, of a brand new kind.
That magical feeling, that sadly some never find :(
This first year of adventure, has at times been tough,
but knowing they're safe and happy is usually enough.
They've given our lives a new purpose, these three little men.
They also brought us together - we'd not have met without them!
Now you are leaving for a brand new start.
We'll miss your smiles and your kind, loving hearts.
But we wish you well, so good luck to all three.
Enjoy 'that there Yorkshire' and it's wonderful tea!
Thank you for your friendship, health & happiness in all you do.
Don't like the thought of 'goodbye'; let's just say "see you soon!"


"Wow. I am truly stunned at this incredibly beautiful and thoughtful poem Chloe wrote us. As well as bringing tears to my eyes every time I read it, it puts the biggest smile on my face! By far the most special gift I've ever received, one I will treasure forever." Lerine Steel


A Birthday Poem

Dear Daddy,

I bet you never expected a letter from me,
not bad for my age since I'm not even 3!
I wanted to tell you a few special things,
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!' Is where I'll begin.
You're the bestest ever and I like your style.
Being with you really makes me smile.
I heard that when I was born you got some stick,
from the cops at your work when you phoned in sick!
But really and truly it was a little white lie,
so that you could be there to see me arrive!
From that moment on you've done all that you can,
I'm so very lucky to be YOUR little man.
I really look forward to coming to play,
I love the boot sales and dragging you to Gateway!
I reckon I must be your number 1 fan,
thanks for taking me to see Nanna and Auntie Ann.
I hope you'll teach me one day how to win at cards,
they say you make it look easy, even when it's hard.
You have a lot to deal with, and I know things can be tough.
Please remember these words, when you're feeling rough.
Pick up this poem, read again what I've put.
Think of me in your arms in a great big cwtch!
Thank-you Daddy, for being an absolute star,
If I take after you, I know I'll go far!


Lots of love from Cai xxx


"Thank you Chloe for the lovely Birthday Poem! You're very clever and you captured exactly want I wanted."

Laura Gillard



A 30th Wedding Anniversary Poem

It began with a joke about Kermit the frog,
a chat in the kitchen that became our prologue.
We both opened up and wore our hearts on our sleeves,
we shared stories and secrets like you wouldn’t believe.
To think I almost missed out, for a fruit machine!
Never thought I’d meet you in my wildest dreams!
The girl from Horsham who changed my world,
30 years of adventures was what then unfurled.
We’ve weathered great storms, when some would have been crushed,
thanks to understanding, love, belief and trust.
Whatever I do, you have absolute faith.
I know that with you the world’s a great place.
You showed me new paths and a new way of thinking.
You rescued me from a ship that was sinking.
Your positive outlook has seen us right,
When it counted in ballroom it was ‘alright on the night!’
Difficulty and disease has changed life’s direction,
must be true what they say ‘bout real love and affection.
Our mutual respect is the cement to our wall,
Frank open discussions are the key to it all.
The love you give as a percentage would be 110
and yes, given the chance, I’d do it all again!
Perfect partners on more than just the dance floor,
What I look forward to Cheryl are many years more!


"Thank you for our 30th Anniversary poem, it was perfect and bought back so many happy memories to us both." Martin Bolton-Smith



A Fundraising Poem About Amyloidosis

An unusual diagnosis.
A sobering prognosis.
A rare debilitating illness.
A ferocious pathosis.
Clinically precocious.
The answers are ambiguous.
Other people are incredulous.
All so emotionally divisive.
Longing for something decisive,
instead of just derisive
to help me out of this crisis.
Don’t have room to list
all the things in life, I miss.
Has it really come to this?
Got to focus on the positive,
despite the suffering and sickliness.
is my single biggest wish.


"A big thankyou to you for your lovely poem which was perfect and we shared with all of our guests. How you managed to compose it in such a short time is beyond me - you are very talented and I'm pleased you've been able to put it to such great use!" Michelle Wall



A Wedding Poem

To Paula and Greg  on your special day.
I’d like to take a few moments if I may…?
to send you my love from across the miles,
and toast your happiness as you walk down that aisle.
A more fun loving couple one could not hope to meet,
even on the worst days your spirit will not retreat.
Absolutely devoted as you are to each other,
you have the kind of love that most never discover.
Inspiring us all; you squeeze the best out of life.
A thousand congrats on becoming husband and wife!


"Thank you so much Chloe for the wonderful poem you composed for my daughter's Wedding Day. It touched her heart and made her cry. It was beautiful." Sheila Porter

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