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We create bespoke poems for special occasions or marketing purposes, in exchange for a donation to the UCL Amyloidosis Research Fund via

We write poems for any occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, births, christenings, marriages, Mother's/Father's/Valentine's Day, farewells, funerals/memorial services or anything else you like! We can also provide promotional verse for use by organisations such as small businesses or charitable causes.

Our founder Chloe Bullock, whose mother suffers from Amyloidosis, wanted to use her creativity in order to raise money for this charity on an on-going basis. Chloe's poems have always proved popular with friends and family, so she decided to widen her audience and raise some much-needed funds for this important cause at the same time. Chloe's poems are likely to bring a tear to your eye but will hopefully raise a smile too!

What is Amyloidosis?

There are various types of amyloidosis, all caused by aggregation and accumulation of specific proteins in tissues and organs throughout the body. These proteins exist in an abnormal fibre‑like form (amyloid fibrils, amyloid deposits) that build up and progressively interfere with the structure and function of affected organs throughout the body. Different proteins are implicated in different types of amyloid, and treatment depends on precise identification of the particular amyloid protein. Amyloidosis is a general name for the disease, and amyloid is the name of the abnormal protein deposits that accumulate in the body.

What does the UCL Amyloidosis Research Support Fund do?

The charitable fund, which operates within the National Amyloidosis Centre at University College London (UCL), part of the Royal Free Hospital, makes enormous contributions into alleviating the suffering and saving the lives of many thousands of individuals, afflicted by this terrible and hitherto incurable disease, Amyloidosis.

For more information on the charity please follow this link:

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